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Oracle E-Business Suite APPS DBA Services

Oracle E-Business Suite uses a single database to store all applications data so it is most important to be managed by experienced software experts, special APPS Database Administrators.

Oracle Apps DBA tasks are different from core Oracle DBA. Oracle Apps DBA has to maintain Oracle database as well as Oracle Application tiers and components. So an Oracle Apps DBA’s job is most challenging as it includes all responsibilities of Oracle Database Administration along with upgrading, cloning, patching, maintenance and troubleshooting of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications modules.

Depth understanding of application flow of Oracle E-business Suite and company’s requirements are most important for managing Oracle E-Business Suite. Due to these reasons, Oracle E-Business Suite requires highly skilled and very experienced people for monitoring and managing.

TRI-S IT Solutions' Oracle E-Business Sysadmin and APPS DBA Support Team has average 10 plus years’ experience in Oracle E-Business Suite starting with 10.7, 10.7-NCA, 10.7-SC, 11.0.3, 11i & 12i that expands to one of the largest implementations in the world. We are pleased to provide an industry-leading team of Oracle EBS database administrators to assist you with all your Apps DBA needs. Our expert Oracle E-Business DBA team has supported a wide range of large and small operations throughout their careers, allowing them to share and apply their unique experience and knowledge across our entire client base.

Key Features:

The features of our Remote E-Business APPS DBA Services offering can be customized to suit your particular needs. We offer the following and more:

  • A dedicated primary and secondary APPS DBA assigned to work with you as a Remote APPS DBA on an ongoing basis
  • Daily check-in by an experienced remote APPS DBA and recommendations for database care
  • Proactive remote database administration and maintenance with constant database monitoring and alert notification
  • Comprehensive monthly reviews and reports
  • 24/7 Remote APPS DBA availability with guaranteed response time
  • Onsite and offsite flexibility
  • Included Oracle Remote APPS DBA consulting hours each month to be used for proactive maintenance, special projects, or any Oracle E-Business Suite related work
  • Backup & Recovery Strategy using RMAN or Non-Oracle NetApp, EMC, VERITAS Technologies
  • Oracle Applications Performance Tuning and pro-active measurements of future Capacity planning.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Cloning using Rapid Clone and/or Non-Oracle Cloning Technologies like NetApp SMO , EMC BCV, VERITAS Clustering, Hitachi HUR, IBM HACMP
  • CPU/PSU Patching , Extended Support Patching and Regular Patching and SR Management
  • Workflow & Notification Mailer Monitoring & troubleshooting its related issues.
  • Oracle System Administrator Responsibility related tasks: Adding and maintaining FND Programs, Users, Roles, Responsibilities, Menus, Functions, Reports, and Printers etc.
  • Monitoring, Setup, Load Balance (PCP) & Troubleshooting of Concurrent Managers
  • Month/Period/year End Support

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Some Benefits:

  • Manage your business critical systems with fewer people, and at a lower cost by providing remote support.
  • No need for over-staffing to provide redundancy.
  • Lower Cost over traditional employee based APPS DBAs.
  • Customizable remote APPS DBA support plans to fit your requirements.
  • Less cost than the annual salary of a junior APPS DBA, because you're sharing the resource with other companies.
  • Lowest and competitive cost of remote support.
  • Highly experts and well experienced Oracle Professionals.


Oracle E-Business Suite APPS DBA Services