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Data Storage Services

Data is the life line of your business.

Even during downturn economic times, you can count on exponential data growth that needs proactive management. Developing a successful and flexible data storage strategy at the right price point is critical.

The subject matter experts at TRI-S IT Solutions are fully certified to assess, design, implement, and support data storage solutions with advanced virtualization, cluster technologies and low cost of ownership. We have tiered data storage and management solutions that enable you to access, protect, manage, migrate, backup, and restore data—without impacting your budget.
TRI-S IT Solutions offers Storage Solutions from Leading Vendors to Deliver:

  1. Flexibility—Offering a range of Storage Solutions, including cluster and grid solutions, and support for industry-standard storage (FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, and Object Oriented) to meet your capacity, high availability, and budget constraints.
  2. Storage virtualization—Aligning storage allocation for specific needs through dynamic data centers and consolidating resources for higher utilization rates that control costs. Thin provisioning and de-duplication helps the customer to use the storage more effectively
  3. Data mobility—Providing rapid, cost-effective data de-duplication, replication, migration, consolidation to optimize valuable resources as part of your data governance.
  4. Simplified management—Integrating Data Management across applications, databases, servers and desktop/laptops.
  5. Data protection— Mirroring Data across sites over Fiber Channel helps to keep a second copy in case of disaster at the primary site. This also gives the flexibility to take backups on tape without interfering the primary data.
  6. Archive and compliance— Ensuring long-term or permanent storage of data as required by law and creation of data governance policies.


Data Storage Services